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FAMILY PHOTOS || By: BRAD PHILLIPS Towards a new domestic photography. This was a provisional title and a genuine ambition. Intimate realism. A book as a gesture, both private and public. To interrupt the bottomless well of imagery with sincerity. Every photo in this book is of my partner Cristine taken before we were married. There will not be a different person on the next page, or on the twentieth. I’ve always admired how Alex Katz has been so persistent in depicting his wife Ada over the decades long course of their marriage. My work has always focused on depicting my life in all it’s mundanity. Now I’m sharing my life with someone who encourages me to show everything. Mundane things like blowing her nose, honest things like evidence of intimacy. 

These pictures were taken when we were long distance; in Morocco and London and Niagara Falls. This book is a chapter then. A private gesture for our faulty memories, a failsafe for future reminiscence. I haven’t stopped taking the same photographs – I’ve taken some today. I’ll take them always. This book is for someone specific. Being loved means being seen. I have seen a great deal in the last two years.

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