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CHAD || The funny thing about the arts district is that there isn’t much art- at least not these days. Most weekends are filled with transplants drinking at one of two beer gardens or inhaling expensive hot dogs. Influencers taking photos next to bad street art. What it does have is smut. It is the home base for 2 “Adult” publication companies, a prolific French fashion magazine, and Disciples of Desires. All located 100 yards from one another.

One night while eating one of those pricey hot dogs, an undercover black Crown Victoria, pulled up. With red lights flashing- a woman’s legs dangle from the window while she {redacted} herself. That’s when I met @dvnimvl2 , who was on camera duty that night. Months down the line a mutual friend connected us, and now we are here for young Chad’s first 28 page zine- shot entirely in the Arts District.

It’s handmade, signed, and numbered and filled with imagery that will push your comfort levels and leave  you asking yourself… Never mind y’all know what time it is! 

  • 28 pages
  • Stapled
  • 5.5x8.5
  • By Chad
  • Numbered
  • Published By Paper Work
  • Edition of 100