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SANCTUARIUM || BY: Bil Brown. Sanctuarium is a place. A relic and a miracle. In this place the dreams of a city filled with Angels that have fallen. In reality, the houseless crisis creates the perfect backdrop for the fully realized home. Los Angeles has little weather to weather. It has bright sun most of the year. These streets house many, often their dreams lost in the mix. The economic situation of the city, state, and country makes these Hollywood pilgrims flock to its notorious Skid Row. These pilgrims visit in an ecstatic state to be with the Gods of celluloid and infamy. Often finding themselves on the other end of a needle.

Bil Brown’s visionary imagery captures highly energetic moments and extremities of the conscious world, or the foreboding prescience — of what is to come. Often using his work as a platform for advanced ideas, twisting layers of meaning from editorial image to street documentary, excising historical meaning addressing current events, Brown pushes the boundaries of his visual language as a “concrete-poetry”, an elegy for the moment in a flurry of photographic indictment.

Bil lives in Los Angeles, CA with his family and often travels to Europe and Asia, and across the Americas. His collection The Hollywood Cult is forthcoming 2023.

  • 30 pages
  • Stapled
  • 5.5X8.5
  • By Bil Brown
  • Published By Paper Work
  • Edition of 100


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